Our company was established in 2001 and have serve thousands of customers all around the world.

Recognition & Know How

After 11 years of commercial activity producing custom lanyards for schools, universities, businesses, large corporations such as the United Nations and brands such as Porsche, Bentley, Burger King, Coca Cola and so many more, we have acquired a reputation that speak for itself.

Being in the personalized lanyards industry for over a decade didn’t bring us only a great name but a “know how” that allow us to offer more than 19 styles of custom lanyards to our customers globally at the cheapest price.


Being a China based company allow us to compete with the most lowest prices without compromising the quality of your custom lanyards. Our sales offices and our main factory is strategically located to lower our manufacturing costs.

Vertically integrated hard

Building a vertically integrated company that is able to process your order from initial design to final delivery is very hard to find. We are able to:

  • proceed any pantone color for the textile part of your lanyards
  • proceed weaving in house
  • proceed screen printing and sublimation printing in house

Yes, we insure the quality of our lanyards by manufacturing and assembling all parts in house.