It is very easy to say that you are the best personalized lanyard website and company, but it is another story to prove it. For Personalized Lanyards, it is very easy to prove it in many different ways.


If there is one company that can show a true and diversified portfolio it is ours. It is not only filled with dozen of pictures, but dozen of pictures of different styles. There simply not one lanyards that can’t be done with us.

Here is our main portfolio video but you can see them as well on our portfolio page.

15 years in the business

Yes, we are located in China, but we are one of the largest manufacturer there with over 15 years of manufacturing personalized lanyards in our hand. We have the knowledge and know how of the custom lanyard industry.

Big Names and Big Brands

But doing millions of personalized lanyards per year shipped all around the world is not enough to say that we are the best personalized lanyard factory, we have big names, brands and event to back what we are saying:

audi, porche, mercedes benz, disney, olympic committee, united nations and dozen of others that show that we are the real deal when it comes to personalized lanyards.

Real Personalized Website & Company

It’s been a while since we wanted to show our new video, but now I guess this will end and prove that is not a legend but the only company with such a large collection of woven, printed, sublimated and other type of lanyards.


If you still doubt of our legitimacy in the business, we have pages of feedback to back our saying: “We are the best personalized lanyard company” in the industry. I have to say that the latest is my favorite and it is the reason of this article. Thank you for the great feedback. Can be see on our feedback page as well.