There used to be a time where going to a lanyard store was still very common. Nowadays, with the expansion of the internet, global customers have access to top lanyard customization at factory price at

Old Stock

Going to a lanyard store might be a good thing if you are looking on old stock for lower price, but even on new and fresh produced personalized lanyards we provide lower prices .  Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

No Real Customization

There is no way for a local lanyard store to be able to provide you with:

rhinestone badge reel

  • your selected pantone color for the fabric art for a 100 pcs.
  • woven lanyards with your school name on it.
  • or creating a mold for your metal embossed badge reel.

If you are looking for real custom lanyards, then a lanyard store is not a place to go shopping for cheap lanyards.


Again, a lanyard store even if providing part of average customization services, it is still a reseller and you won’t be provided with the best prices as our factory could. This is a fact and a reality.