To answer most common initial queries from our customer we’ve created a samples lanyard store. Personalized lanyards offer so many different style and custom possibilities that we have created a lanyard store.

This store offer the following possibilities:

  • buy our sample pack to view all type of lanyards
  • buy single lanyards at manufacturing price
  • buy various style of lanyard at manufacturing price

Ordering Step Guide

  • Select the lanyard type(s) or sample pack on our lanyard store
  • Once order received confirm with our customer service which style you prefer.
  • Have your own personalized lanyard made based on the style chosen

Our customer service will help  you to:

  • design your lanyard before ordering.
  • create your personalized sample once deposit made.

This sample store help you determine what you are looking for. If you prefer to jump in right away you can still visit our lanyard style page to make your choice or use the quote order form to get a price.

Our lanyard store is just to help all our customers to determine what they really need. We are proud to be the best personalized lanyard company, factory and direct manufacturer in the industry.