If you are a teacher or a school administrator, it is hard to keep track on every student in campus.If you want to identify all the enrolled students without viewing their files, customized lanyards can be very beneficial. Here are some advantages of wearing custom lanyards in school premises:

Identify students and teachers

Educational school trip is great for students. They can have first-hand experience on art, science and so much more! However, out of school learning can go wrong if one of your student goes missing. If your class wears bright or colorful lanyards, you can quickly spot your class even in a huge crowd. You can also wear lanyards so your students can immediately identify you as well.

Identification for guest or visitors

Instead of just letting in strangers inside the campus, you can ask guests or visitors to wear customized lanyards. You can issue them special identification badges before they go inside the school. They will need have to turn over their IDs in exchange of the special school pass ID. When they leave campus, their respective IDs will be returned.

School teams or clubs

Students can also have custom made lanyards for their chosen team or club. This way they are not limited to one standard school lanyard.


Memorabilia and rewards

If there are school competition, you can give away lanyards as the prize or reward for the student’s efforts. For senior classes, lanyards with their graduating year can be the perfect gift or memorabilia for their graduation.

When there are hundreds or thousands of enrollees in your school, it is very important to keep track each of your student. This way you know they are safe in campus. At Personalized Lanyards, we offer customized school lanyards that can ease difficulties in determining who are enrolled and outsiders in the campus. Contact us today for free quote!