Lanyards is not only for fashion and style. It can also be used in a variety of ways. They can be used as identification purposes for schools, corporate companies and even for charity organizations. In fact, they can be utilized as a marketing tool for start-up and established brands. If you are going to purchase lanyards soon, here are ten popular uses of lanyards:


From highschool to college, many students today are wearing lanyards. They normally wear lanyards during conferences and other schools events. But, neck lanyard ID cards can also be used during field trips or class trips. This is because teachers or professors can immediately identify students without any confusion. Of course, lanyards are also present in science fairs, pep rallies and seminars. Keep in mind, lanyards for schools have a different design to prevent choking during fights.

Teachers and school personnel

lanyard for teachersBesides from students, teachers and other school personnel also wear lanyards with an ID card. Doing so, allows students to identify them. For example, in a crowded event like a football game, students can look for their respective teachers without any difficulties. Even in PTA meetings, professors also wear their lanyards so parents know that they are their kids’ teachers. Lanyards for teachers are normally printed with the school’s name and logo for school pride and of course, to know they are professionals.

Corporate Employees

Lanyards are also seen in organizations and businesses. Since companies are structured and requires utmost security, wearing of ID lanyards are strictly implemented. From employees to supervisors, employees need to wear their IDs during at workplace. Aside from regular lanyards, lanyard pouches are also top choice for businesses as this kind of lanyards can also hold keys as well as business cards.

Concert Promoters and event Promoters

lanyard id badge concertEven the entertainment industry utilizes lanyards. During the promotion of concerts, event promoters wear neck lanyard ID cards to get fans raving about the event. From security personnel to band crews, everyone involved in the promotion wears lanyards. Even concert goers who have VIP tickets or have a special pass are also given a unique lanyards.

Police authorities

Even police authorities wear lanyards. Although lanyards are less authoritative than badges, it is still an effective form of identification for law enforcements. During large events like festivals, authorities can just wear their lanyards instead of showing their respective badges to citizens. In other cases, police clip their badges onto the lanyards for better visibility. They use pistol lanyards and even custom holsters. In fact, some of them place whistles and other devices on their lanyards.

Retail store clerks and cashiers

Many retailers today are also using lanyards in their businesses. This is because wearing lanyards give their customers sense of security and peace of mind. If clients go into the store, they will immediately know that your service or product is legit or legal. Established retailers like Walmart understand the importance of wearing lanyards to serve their customers better.

Bank employees and tellers

You will also notice that bank personnel also wear lanyards. This is to help bank customers identify the employees. Moreover, they will know that they are giving their hard-earned money to the right person.


Organizing a fundraiser event is no easy feat. It takes dedication and time for the event to be successful. So facilitators wear lanyards so that they can be easily be identified. Attendees can go easily go up to them and ask questions.

Hospital staff

lanyard for nurses

Saving lives is very important. If an unprofessional and unlicensed medical practitioner was able to administer the wrong treatment or medicine, this can be a huge problem for the patient. To ensure that doctors, nurse and other medical professional will only be allowed to see and treat individuals, hospital strictly requires all their employees to lanyards during their shifts. Even in medical TV shows, you can see that interns and residents wear lanyards.

Patients at hospitals

Patients can also be given lanyards when they are admitted in the hospital. They normally receive clip on badges with ID cards so the attending medical personnel know their ailment or required treatment. However, it is commonly used as a souvenir.