Everywhere you look, lanyards are very popular. They are worn in schools, corporations and non-profit organizations. But, how does a cord worn around the neck or wrist is manufactured for small to large group of individuals? Just like any product available in stores and online, lanyards undergoes a specific production process to ensure that you are happy with your school, company and retailer lanyards. If you are curious how they are manufactured, you will have more idea by reading this post.

Lanyard Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the most popular methods of transferring designs onto the lanyards. In fact, it’s been used many years because of the high quality end-product it provides. Screen printing starts with placing the image into a film positive. Doing so, allows you to burn your desired image on the silk screen. Afterwards, the image can be transferred by forcing the ink through holes. You can do this by using a fill blade or most commonly known as a squeegee.


Although this lanyard printing process takes longer than the dye sublimation process, lanyard screen printing provides the best quality and durability for custom-made lanyards. In fact, screen printed lanyards are known to be very resistant even when machine washed.

Lanyard Dye Sublimation

An alternative to lanyard screen printing is lanyard dye sublimation. Unlike screen printing, this process is easier and in fact faster. This is because the lanyard dye sublimation utilizes technology to print designs on fabric. It uses a computer printer to transfer the image onto the fabric or even plastic materials.

dye sublimation lanyard

No matter what process you choose, we ensure that these two methods are very effective in producing quality lanyards for your organization, companies or schools. You can give us a call or email for a free customized lanyard quote today.