History of Lanyards

Lanyards are everywhere. From students to government officials, almost everyone owns and wears a lanyard. Even professionals like doctors and police lanyard cameraofficers have lanyards. But, how did these handy ID and gadget holders became a popular accessory to individuals from different walks of life? If you are curious about lanyard’s rich history, this article will give you a brief overview.

Many believe lanyards were introduced when PVC IDs and electronic gadgets became popular. However, contrary to common belief, lanyards were not introduced during the 21st century. Amazingly, this handy accessory was already available centuries ago. In fact, they were used as sword or knife holders when thousands of boats and ships roamed the waters.

According to history records, the term lanyards were first conceived during the 14th century. It was known as “laniere,” a French word which means a strap. However, experts reveal that lanyards were created years ago before the 14th century.

It is believed that lanyards were used when huge ships sailed the seas. Sailors faced life threatening situations such as climbing the rigging. In fact,  they were carrying different tools  to the top even when the waters were rough. To remedy the problem, they cleverly used left over ropes found in the ship. They tied their swords and other tools onto the cord and place it around their neck or body.lanyard knot sword It was also used a whistle holder to alarm other crew members. Just like the modern purpose of lanyards, individuals used lanyards to avoid losing their prized possessions. Lanyards were also used to hold ships and tighten the rigs.

Lanyards became popular in the 19th century. It was primarily used to carry a knife underneath a piece of clothing. It was concealed and attached very close to the body so that the sharp object can be drawn quickly as much as possible. In fact, lanyards were strategically placed on the left side of the shoulder so it can be easily pulled out with the right hand. If left-hand, obviously the lanyard was on the right side.

Military purposes

Later on, lanyards became an accessory to weapons. A hook was attached on its end to help fire the artilleries – cannons. Of course, during this period instead of a knife, lanyards hold pistols. In fact, the British used lanyards to hold their weapons during World War II. Even the American forces are still using lanyards to keep pistols and other small machineries close to their bodies.lanyard special forces

In 1920, the placement of the lanyard was changed to the right shoulder because the difficulty of removing the pistol under the bandolier. In 1933, using lanyard as a knife holder was completely removed.

Although lanyards were used for securing ships and triggering weapons, it was later on developed as a decorative piece for military uniforms. They were used in different colour combinations and patterns to signify military rank. The ornament started as a simple rope. As years went by, the lanyard was replaced with braid patterns such as the double braided cord.

Lineman lanyards

Aside from military use, lanyards evolved to be a handy tool for individuals who loves climbing or rodeos. Lineman lanyards are made from a strong fabric which can be adjusted. Its purpose is to prevent the wearer from falling. The most common type of lanyard is the fixed length lineman lanyard. It features leather and a buckle for adjustment purposes.

From knife holder to military decoration, lanyards came a long way from what we know today. Ever since they were used in navy and cavalry, they are really handy in keeping valuables safe and secured. In fact, even today they offer a variety of benefits to the wearer. If you are unsure how lanyards can help you with your daily routine, here are amazing benefits of wearing lanyards:

Protect your electronic gadgets – Handheld electronic devices such as portable gaming consoles and DSLR cameras are very expensive. When lost or damaged it can be a costly repair or replacement. Most owners use lanyards to protect their valuables. They utilize lanyards to hold small handheld devices such as music players, USB flash drives and of course, cell phone. With the use of lanyards, you can bring your prized possessions or valuables anywhere you go. You can place it around your neck, wrist and even attach it to your bag. Without lanyards, there is a huge chance that you can drop or lose your $300 gadget.

Advertise your brand or product– Lanyards are not only used for personal purposes. They can also be used as a marketing and advertising tool to promote a brand, a sports competition and even a musical event. In fact, they are considered as the most preferred advertising product because of their inexpensive prices. If you are a business owner, you will surely find lanyards as very profitable.

Fashion statement– Lanyards are fashion forward accessories especially when customized. They can feature artwork and text quotes.

Identification – The most popular and important benefit of lanyards is identification. They are commonly used in schools to identify students and school employees. In fact, you can also see lanyards used by professional in different industries. In hospitals, doctors and other medical practitioners are wearing lanyards. If you go to the bank, tellers are wearing them as well. Even the police authorities and government employees use lanyards for identification purposes.

Lanyards have a rich history. They came a long way from knife holder for sailors to ID holders for students, teachers and doctors. If you are in need of quality but inexpensive lanyards, Personalized Lanyards will be happy to give you only the best. We offer our customers with customized lanyard services to guarantee that our products are unlike the rest. Feel free to contact us today for a free customized lanyard quote today.