If your city has just passed a law that requires dogs to be on a leash then we are happy to tell you that personalized lanyards can provide you with custom leashes for your favorite pets.

Generally 4 to 6 feet long a nylon dog leash can be very handy when walking in your neighborhood for different reason that include:

  • avoid you favorite pet to endanger traffic
  • give a feeling of security to other people
  • getting lost

imagesLegislation varies from state to state in USA but in can go from a simple fine to 6 months jail depending on the gravity of the circumstances. But let’s not go that far. Maybe not loosing your dog is a sufficient reason to get a leash.

When walking in a crowded area your dog may change behavior as it can cause him stress which may result in attacking a person or involve a car accident.

Length of the leash

The length of the leash should be chosen depending on the size of your dog to give you to possibility to react quickly and efficiently depending on the situation. It should be neither too long or too short. To short can create discomfort for the pet owner and the pet itself. Too long may result in a lack of possibility to react in time.

In terms of material, custom nylon leashes are the preferred ones as it provide a bit of elasticity.

Cat Leashes

Cat leashes are used only to prevent your cat from getting lost as they rarely get into fight or attack a person.

Contact personalized lanyards to get your custom leashed for you pet.

Custom Leaches

dog leash 3We can customize any of your dog leash needs:

  • custom length
  • custom colors
  • custom attachment

We are the direct lanyard manufacturer and making personalized dog leashes