Most companies claim to be able to personalized lanyards, but lets define what customization mean in the lanyard industry, because if it is just printing a 1 color text print anybody can do it. The image below is the perfect explanation of what personalized lanyards mean to us.

Personalized dyed color

We offer the possibility to dye any pantone color you want to truly represent and respect your company logo, image and brand identity. Yes, it is possible because we are a direct lanyard factory and manufacturer.

Personalized length and width choice

Freedom of choice is necessary when it comes to custom and personalized lanyards for an event. With our company you can decide what is the correct length and width to make your personalized lanyards truly unique and different.

Personalized ID badge size and color

If your usual lanyard company offer only a standard size and colors for your company id badges, we can custom any size and color you want to match your company identity and freshly personalized lanyards

Fabric & lanyard types

We offer all the standard fabric such as polyester or nylon but we can come up with anything you may think of such as vinyl, rhinestones or any other styles we already offer. Just let us know what you need and we’ll do it.

Custom extender

You need cool extender in a special shape and logo on it to promote a new product or a marketing event. We have you covered. We can simply do anything u need to custom your lanyards.

Attachment and accessories

To make sure your lanyard has the right attachment we offer many different type to attach your phone, keys and id badges. But guess what, if we don’t offer it, we will make it just for you cause personalized lanyards is all we do.

If a company can offer all the different customization points listed above, then saying “we make personalized lanyards” is not a false claim.

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