After 10 years of manufacturing personalized lanyards, if there is something we can do, it’s custom your products to your “exact specifications”.

Cardholders & reel badges

You want it sky blue Pantone 638 C with your logo embossed on it or any other customization you require…. We can do it simply because it s’all what we do and have been doing since the early days of our company. We can provide you with any colors, shapes and design you are looking for for your cardholders and badge reels. We can provide you with any accessories you want.


We provide dozens of different hooks from simple metal colors to any metal color you may require whether your are looking for key rings, hooks or bottle holders.

Metal and Rhinestones

You need a custom metal pendant with rhinestone on it? Just send us your design and we’ll produce it for you. We can truly make any design you may think of.

You saw it somewhere?

You don’t know what it’s called but you saw it somewhere else on the web or worn by someone? Send us a picture and we’ll design and produce it for you.

Yes, we are a real factory and we try to arrange all our customers request whatever it is.