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Cheap Lanyards Is An Understatement.

If you are looking for cheap lanyards you are on the right website. As we are the direct manufacturer we can provide you with the lowest personalized lanyard prices on the market which mean: Factory Prices = No Middlemen Fees = Cheaper Custom Lanyards For You Yes, that's correct. By ordering with us you benefitiate [...]

Custom Lanyard Of The Month

There is definitely a custom lanyard for every life's situation. The custom lanyard of the month for November will be the custom lanyard glass holder as presented below. This type of custom lanyard is perfect during a picnic, community meeting and corporate conference. Don't need anymore to switch between your plate and your glass, feeling uncomfortable [...]

Best identification item for schools, teachers and visitors.

If you are a teacher or a school administrator, it is hard to keep track on every student in campus.If you want to identify all the enrolled students without viewing their files, customized lanyards can be very beneficial. Here are some advantages of wearing custom lanyards in school premises: Identify students and teachers Educational school [...]

ID Card Holders and ID Badge Holders

Lanyards and ID card holders go hand in hand.  Ever since lanyards was introduced to consumers, having ID badge holders has become associated with wearing lanyards. Without the other, both products will be useless and even may look and feel tacky. In fact, you won’t see lD holders without lanyards or vice versa. Fortunately, technology [...]

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