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Lanyard Store

To answer most common initial queries from our customer we’ve created a samples lanyard store. Personalized lanyards offer so many different style and custom possibilities that we have created a lanyard store. This store offer the following possibilities: buy our sample pack to view all type of lanyards buy single lanyards at manufacturing price buy [...]

Personalized Lanyards Website

It is very easy to say that you are the best personalized lanyard website and company, but it is another story to prove it. For Personalized Lanyards, it is very easy to prove it in many different ways. Portfolio If there is one company that can show a true and diversified portfolio it is ours. [...]

Can You say “Personalized Lanyards”?

Most companies claim to be able to personalized lanyards, but lets define what customization mean in the lanyard industry, because if it is just printing a 1 color text print anybody can do it. The image below is the perfect explanation of what personalized lanyards mean to us. Personalized dyed color [...]

Latest Custom Lanyards

Because making custom lanyards is what we master, we want to keep you updated with all the latest production of personalized lanyards we have done recently. We update our latest work twice a month to let you understand why our company is the leanding factory and manufacturer of custom lanyards on the web.

…More personalized lanyards

We always try to meet our customer needs in terms of personalized lanyards. Here are some of our latest customers production. Remember that you can customize just everything with us: pantone colors type of lanyards type of clip and release buckles If you basically have an idea, there is a good chance that we can [...]

Latest Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards is what we do and keeping you updated with our latest work proves to think: We provide quality personalized lanyards to the largest companies in the world We can custom any lanyard you may want Check the full range of possibilities by clicking here.


If all the pictures and video portfolio is not enough to convince you we are the best custom lanyard manufacturer then, our feedback page should do the job. With pages of satisfied customer reviews  we can guarantee that we will fulfill your expectation when it come to personalized lanyards. Most of our customer are from [...]

Custom Lanyards

We love custom lanyards! Especially the one we manufacture. Here are the latest and fresh produced personalized lanyards. Dont wait anymore to get the best quality custom lanyard and the lowest prices. Quick Quote Form»

Personalized Lanyards of May

At Personalized Lanyards, we continuously offer the best custom made lanyard services among the competition and at a cheaper price. We guarantee our client satisfaction on every order to make sure their personalized lanyards meet our customer wishes. Here are a few custom lanyards that were made this Mai 2014           [...]

Lanyard of the Month

We love personalized lanyards because each of them is truly unique and special. This month our team particularly liked the custom heat transferred lanyard from Here is our February 2014 winner:  

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