woven, screen printed,  elastic, reflective, rhinestone , eco, or any other type of key chain lanyard, we are the only business you ever need deal with. offers a full range of services, from the initial design or idea, to the complete, delivered, commercially viable end product.

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1. Send us your Design Idea

Send us your final design or idea and we’ll help you improve it to get the best rendering.

2. Get a Quotation

Get a quotation for your lanyard project, approve it and we’ll get started on sample.

3. Wait for Delivery

Once your order finished we’ll pack it and ship it right to your door.


Lanyards have a variety of applications and uses, the most common of which being a means of protecting valuables like cameras and key rings. They are usually worn either on the wrist (cameras), or around the neck (key chains). Often, companies attending expositions will supply them to their employees, in order for them to be easily identified as representatives of their brand.

They are also a powerful promotional tool used by companies the world over to improve brand recognition. They have become popular for several reasons, one of these being that unlike a lot of promotional items, key chain lanyards are unlikely to be discarded after the first use, as many people do actually use them to protect their belongings. In addition to this, they are also very inexpensive to produce in large numbers, making them an attractive option for companies looking to reach a large number of people for a low outlay.